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Mindy Hung


July 11, 2001

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Clinical Skills Assessment

The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA), administered by the ECFMG, can be scheduled after the candidate has completed the full didactic curriculum (or is within 12 months of finishing) and passed Step 1 and the TOEFL.

The CSA consists of 11 simulations of patient encounters, which measure a candidate's competence in patient communication and gathering and interpretation of clinical data. Candidates must go to each station where a lay person, portraying a patient, will respond to questions and react appropriately to physical maneuvers. Evaluators will score 10 of the 11 simulations, weighing the candidate's ability to obtain a relevant medical history, carry out a focused physical exam in the 15 allotted minutes, and effectively record the patient encounter in the 10 minutes afterwards. Including orientation and breaks, the test lasts 8 hours.

Due to the unique format of the CSA, candidates must travel to the ECFMG's secure testing center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the only facility that offers the exam; therefore, candidates must factor in travel, visa, and accommodation in addition to the $1200 US (year 2001) fee.

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