ECFMG Certification --

Mindy Hung


July 11, 2001

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English-Language Proficiency -- TOEFL

ECFMG also requires that candidates demonstrate that they can read and understand North American English by achieving a minimum overall score of 213 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). All foreign candidates must take this exam, a fact that might prove galling to natives of the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

The fee through July 2001 is $110 US. The TOEFL is usually computer-based (there are a few exceptions) and is administered at Sylvan Learning Centers in 180 countries around the world; however, due to the high demand, temporary exam venues are often set up at universities and in schools.

The TOEFL is about 4 hours long and consists of 4 sections. The first is a listening test (40-60 minutes) in which the candidate must demonstrate an ability to read and understand North American English. The testing center will supply headphones for this section. The second section, on structure (15-20 minutes), measures the candidate's ability to recognize language appropriate for standard, written English -- formal English. The reading section (70-90 minutes) tests comprehension on passages from standard North American textbooks. The final section is a writing test (30 minutes) in which the candidate is given a topic and asked to present an organized and coherent essay.