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Why Us?

We offer you what no other healthcare market research company can: engaged healthcare professionals who are regularly accessing Medscape for clinical content. Our market research services team leverages these Medscape members to provide you with research solutions that deliver high quality results.

For over 20 years, Medscape Market Research has provided industry-leading recruitment and research solutions to provide dynamic market research. We use our advanced targeting capabilities leveraging first- and third-party data linked to our broad professional network of highly engaged health providers. This enables us to deliver the respondents and the results that you are looking for.

Essential for Healthcare Professionals

Our high quality content drives healthcare professionals to the Medscape site by providing the following:
  • Extensive medical news coverage
  • Comprehensive drug & conditions database
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Medscape TV Programs
  • Healthcare professional surveys
  • Physician Business Academy
  • Physician Consult

Content Intended for Healthcare Professionals
Content Intended for Healthcare Professionals
Medical Research Content
Content Intended for Healthcare Professionals
Content Intended for Healthcare Professionals

Essential for Researchers


Not just about clinical needs, but also thought-provoking research around timely topics such as lifestyle, ethics, and compensation

Medical Research Content

How We're Different

Powering our solutions are advanced targeting, unmatched recruitment, and the industry's leading network of active physicians. Working together in perfect harmony, you get the respondents and results you need.
1.9 Million
Other Healthcare
Professional Reach
Allergists & Clinical Immunologists 6,210
Anesthesiologists 37,005
Cardiologists 35,912
Critical Care 5,640
Dermatologists 12,245
Diab / Endo 8,449
Emerg. Medicine 46,647
Gastroenterologists 11,226
Hem/Onc 19,853
ID/HIV 8,395
Nephrologists 5,474
Neurologists 23,319
OB / GYN 33,009
Ophthalmologists 14,075
Orthopedists 23,674
Pediatricians 53,038
Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Med 7,234
Primary Care 216,846
Psychiatrists 40,291
Pulmonologists 6,824
Radiologists 20,378
Rheumatologists 4,069
Surgeons 43,337
Urologists 8,212
Chiropractor 24,761
Counselor Psychology 87,493
Dentist (all types) 36,690
Hospital Administrator 17,365
Healthcare Administrator (other) 84,556
Healthcare Executive (other) 30,573
Laboratory Technician 19,055
Laboratory/Medical Technologist 49,520
Nurse (all specialties) 914,300
Nurse Practitioners (all specialties) 150,060
Nutritionist / Dietitian 49,091
Optometrist 20,515
Paramedic/EMT 124,693
Physical Therapist 79,145
Physician Assistant (PA) (all specialties) 95,430
Pharmacists (all types) 177,050
Psychologists 88,333
Radiology Technologist 26,575
Rehab Specialist 24,310
Social Worker 74,787
Sample Physician Audience for Healthcare Market Research Services

Largest & Most
Engaged Audience

Of high prescribing clinicians in the industry


Unmatched Recruitment

Reaching clinicians on desktop and mobile throughout their daily workflow


Advanced Targeting

Getting you the exact respondents you need: Therapeutic Areas, Specializations/Positions Held, Work setting, Decision Makers, Prescribing information

Sample Physician Audience for Healthcare Market Research Services

Research Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Choose the solution that’s right for you! From A to Z we can provide the Quantitative and Qualitative research services that you need, when you need them.

Survey Programming & Hosting

Survey Programming
& Hosting

Custom in-house solutions to program a simple survey all the way up to a complex survey, including piping, logic and interactive survey designs to keep your participants engaged.
Healthcare Professional Recruitment or Fieldwork

Healthcare Professional Recruitment or Fieldwork

We can field your healthcare market research studies to reach your target audience using our pool of high prescribing and engaged physicians and other HCPs.
Full Service Quantitative & Qualitative Studies

Full Service Quantitative & Qualitative Studies

With over 20 years of experience, we can handle your research from begining to end. Starting with converting business objectives to research design, questionnaire development, programming, data collection as well as data analysis and reporting. We will collaborate with you to garner the insights that you are looking for.

Meet The Team

Our team is led by highly experienced healthcare market researchers that are passionate about research and will provide your organization with the best in class customer service.
Audrey Rosen | Vice President, Market Research
Audrey Rosen
Vice President
Market Research
Audrey brings over 25 years of client management and market research experience to WebMD, leveraging both syndicated and quantitative...
solutions to solve client business issues. She has extensive experience with health care, consumer packaged goods and retailer research. Audrey focuses on providing her clients with an integrated solution to their business needs by leveraging her knowledge of many different types of data sources including custom research as well as scanning, loyalty card, digital and panel information.
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Heather Sigman | Senior Director, Market Research Operations
Heather Sigman
Senior Director
Market Research Operations
Heather's 20+ years of experience have allowed her to expertly manage and direct a multitude of market research...
operations. She has successfully launched a vast array of new technology-based market research products and has led the process execution of each one of those products.
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Barbara Leinheiser | Senior Director, Strategic Accounts
Barbara Leinheiser
Senior Director
Strategic Accounts
Barbara is a dedicated and knowledgeable member of the WebMD team with over 20 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnical...
experience. Throughout her time with WebMD, Barbara has applied her expertise of market research practices and pharmaceutical industry data to the full life-cycle delivery of hundreds of internet-based market research instruments – focusing on KOL identification/mapping studies.
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Dipti Mistry | Senior Manager, Market Research
Dipti Mistry
Senior Manager
Market Research
Dipti has 13+ years of primary and secondary healthcare market research operations and client service experience. She is a solutions...
oriented manager who is able to provide the client with added value and consulting knowledge during the proposal and execution stages of a market research project. She is constantly identifying and implementing ways to deliver a higher level of service to our clients.
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Adam Herman | Senior Manager, Market Research
Adam Herman
Senior Manager
Market Research
Adam leverages his 15+ years of market research field and project management to deliver best in class client service. He has...
helped to implement efficient processes so we can turn-around your research results on-time.
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