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As Medscape enters its 25th year, COVID-19 is challenging the medical community both professionally and personally. We recognize more than ever how important all of you are to Medscape's story, and we invite you to help us reflect on the past, discuss what's next in medicine, read what our experts have to say, and enjoy our anniversary video.

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What medical or career advice do you wish someone had given you when you were 25?
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What Clinicians are Saying

  • Medscape has enabled me to stay more current in areas other than my own specialty.
    Dr John Felkrt
  • Medscape itself is among the best developments in medicine in the past 25 years.
    Dr Abhijeet Anand
  • Medscape is awesome. I also recommend the site to my patients. Thanks, Medscape!
    Dr Thomas Wade
  • Without Medscape, a medical student's life would be a little harder.
    Mohamed Elshaarawy, Med student
  • This is an invaluable tool… Thank you for all you do!!!
    Dr Francine Todar Peters
  • Medscape is a medical bible for me.
    Dr Ebrahim Yusuf
  • Medscape is the best teacher anyone can ever have.
    Dr Anurag Pattanaik
  • Medscape has been saving lives from the dawn of its creation. Thank you.
    Olaoluwa Idowu, Med student
  • Hope you continue this great work for centuries to come.
    Dr Shivakumar Hanubal
  • Congrats to the best medical app! More years in view. Together forever!
    Dr Oluwatobiloba Bakare