Urinary Incontinence & OAB

Urinary Incontinence & OAB News

  • SABCS 2018 'It's Going to Be a Useful Agent': Oxybutynin for Hot Flashes A urinary incontinence drug is surprisingly effective in the treatment of hot flashes for both women with a history of breast cancer and those with menopausal symptoms but who do not have cancer.
  • Implantable Device May Relieve Urinary Urge Incontinence in OAB A small, nickel-sized, battery-powered implant (eCoin) appears to relieve urinary urge incontinence (UUI) associated with overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome by stimulating the tibial nerve, according to a new single-arm trial.

Urinary Incontinence & OAB Perspective

  • AUA 2018 Read clinically focused news coverage of key developments from AUA 2018.
  • Deprescribing Cholinesterase Inhibitors and Memantine The first evidence-based clinical practice guideline for deprescribing cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine should lessen clinicians', patients', and families' fear of discontinuing these agents.