Trump and Healthcare

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  • Trump's Pick for Drug Czar Pulls Out After Investigation Trump's Pick for Drug Czar Pulls Out After Investigation The decision follows a report by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes that showed Rep. Tom Marino spearheaded legislation that made it harder for the government to police the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Obamacare Whiplash Leads to Dueling Price Plans President Donald Trump's reversals in the past week on maintaining Obamacare subsidies to insurers are sowing new confusion over what kind of health insurance will be available to consumers, and at what price, when enrollment for 2018 begins in two weeks.
  • Bipartisan Obamacare Deal Gains Republican Support in Senate A bipartisan deal to stabilize Obamacare by restoring billions of dollars of subsidies to health insurers picked up Republican support in the Senate on Thursday despite President Donald Trump’s opposition.
  • U.S. Senate Backers of Obamacare Deal Seek Support but Prospects Unclear Proponents of a bipartisan deal struck by two U.S. senators to stabilize Obamacare sought on Wednesday to win Republican support for the measure, which would restore subsidies to health insurers that President Donald Trump has scrapped.
  • Fewer ACA Ads, Puzzled Public Threaten Sign-ups, KFF Says Most uninsured don't know the start and stop dates for signing up for coverage next year. 'There could be a drop in enrollment,' a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) policy analyst said.