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  • ISC 2019 No Loss of Thrombectomy Benefit in Late Stroke With Transfer Latest results from the DEFUSE 3 trial suggest transferring candidates for late-window thrombectomy is associated with substantial clinical benefits and should be strongly encouraged, authors say.
  • ISC 2019 ENCHANTED: Intensive BP Lowering Not Linked to Stroke Recovery Although intensive blood pressure management may reduce risk for intracranial hemorrhage in thrombolysis-treated stroke, the protocol does not improve functional outcome, say researchers.
  • Unexplained Tachycardia 'Triples Cancer Mortality Risk' Cancer patients who have unexplained tachycardia should be investigated for potential causes and should start exercising to help lower their mortality risk, suggest US researchers.
  • Worse Stroke Care and Outcomes for Asian Americans Asian American patients have more severe ischemic strokes, are less likely to receive intravenous thrombolysis, and have worse functional outcomes, compared with white Americans, according to a retrospective study.