Patient Relations

Patient Relations Perspectives

  • True Patient Advocates Must Be Students of Evidence-Based Medicine Vinay Prasad discusses ways in which well-meaning but misguided patient advocates inadvertently lobby for medical advances that may not be in patients' best interest.
  • Should Patients Call You by Your First Name? In an age where everyone seems to lean toward being less formal, many physicians still don't feel comfortable with patients using their first name in medical settings. Your colleagues weigh in.

Patient Relations News

  • ACP Ethics Guidance Now Addresses Health Technology New sections include use of EHRs, electronic communication, telemedicine, and genetic tests. Two ethics experts say the guidelines are valuable but gaps remain.
  • Half of Parents Unaware of Teen's Suicidal Thoughts Half of parents surveyed by a research team from a Philadelphia pediatric hospital were unaware that their young adolescent had thought about committing suicide, a study found.