Pancreatitis News

  • ACG 2018 More Biliary Disease With Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery The move toward laparoscopic bariatric surgery and the decline in bariatric surgery with concomitant cholecystectomy has led to an increase in gallstone-related complications, new research shows.
  • ACG 2018 In Acute Pancreatitis, Ringer's Lactate Tops Saline Mortality and rates of systemic inflammatory response that developed within 24 hours of the intravenous hydration were lower with Ringer's lactate, new data show.

Pancreatitis Perspective

  • Why Aren't We Prescribing Pills for Obesity? Dr Caroline Apovian says obesity is a chronic condition that may require pharmacotherapy or even bariatric surgery. So why aren't they included in the 2018 USPSTF recommendation statement?
  • Are You an Alcoholic?   Roughly 1 in 8 Americans who drink have alcohol use disorder. Are you one of them?