Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis News

  • ECTRIMS 2018 Higher BMI Linked to Lower Brain Volume in MS Researchers report that higher BMI is linked to lower brain volume in multiple sclerosis. A second study links healthy eating to better measures of disability, mobility, and cognitive function.
  • ANA 2018 MS Linked to Alterations in Bile Acid Metabolism Abnormalities of these cholesterol metabolites in both children and adults with MS, along with encouraging preclinical findings, have spurred a clinical trial to assess supplementation therapy.

Multiple Sclerosis Perspective

  • Can Diet Alter Brain Function in MS?   The disease-modifying effects of diet in patients with MS: Drs Stephen Krieger and Ilana Katz Sand discuss recent studies presented at ECTRIMS.
  • A Newly Appreciated Aspect of Multiple Sclerosis   Drs Stephen Krieger and James Sumowski discuss developments in understanding and managing the cognitive deficits associated with MS.