Career Perspectives

  • Ready to Start Your Own Practice?   Needing a practice change but don't know where to start? Dr Julie Gunther has been there and offers her advice.
  • Speak Out Without Getting Into Trouble Many physicians who work in large groups, hospitals, or healthcare organizations dislike some of the policies. How can they express their dissatisfaction without being labeled 'disruptive'?

Career News

  • ID Docs Best Poised to Lead Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs The eclectic expertise of infectious disease specialists uniquely qualifies them to lead antimicrobial stewardship programs, according to a joint statement from several medical societies.
  • Trauma Support May Help Low-income Families Earn More A federal assistance program designed to move low-income families toward financial independence comes up short – but results might improve if families also receive support that helps them deal with traumatic experiences, a new study suggests.