Kidney & Pancreas Transplant

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant News

  • Racial Disparities in Transplantation Persist Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are even less likely to receive a live-donor kidney transplant now than they were decades ago despite significant efforts to reduce racial disparities in transplantation.
  • Online Resources About Kidney Transplant Too Complex Online health education materials about transplant options are far too complex for chronic kidney disease patients to make sense of, U.S. researchers say, and that may prevent this group from deciding on the best treatment.

Kidney & Pancreas Transplant Perspective

  • Transplantation and Risk for Malignant Melanoma A study of renal transplant patients shows a 5x increased risk for malignant melanoma.
  • Should We Pay Organ Donor Heroes?   Altruistic organ donors incur many legitimate costs, such as days lost from work and travel, hotel, and dining expenses, yet they aren't compensated. Should the government pay for their expenses?