Infertility News

  • ASRM 2018 Sperm Count and Motility Declining in United States Sperm counts and motility are on the decline in the United States, according to a longitudinal study of sperm donors, but the reasons are not clear.
  • ASRM 2018 Infertility Linked to Sexual Abuse A high proportion of female veterans have been sexually assaulted, and victims of assault are more likely to be infertile, which can be a marker of overall health, research shows.

Infertility Perspective

  • A 28-Year-Old Man With Wheezing: USMLE Question A thin 28-year-old man presents with wheezing, airway obstruction, and elevated chloride levels. What complication is he likely to develop?
  • Goats, Education Reform, and Physician Suicide Pamela Wible, MD, is a founder of the ideal medical care movement. She spoke with a fourth-year medical student about her experiences and insights into education and suicide prevention.