Infertility News

  • College-Age Students Unsure When Fertility Declines Most university students may plan to have children in the future, but they also probably overestimate how much time they have before their fertility starts to wane, an Australian study suggests.
  • Sperm May Like Boxers Better Than Briefs Men who wear boxers most of the time may be more fertile than those who opt for jockeys and briefs, a new study suggests.

Infertility Perspective

  • Can We Put the 'IVF-Cancer Connection' to Bed?   A large study provides some—but not total—reassurance to women considering assisted reproduction.
  • Endometriosis: 5 Things to Know As one of the most common conditions affecting women, all clinicians should have an understanding of endometriosis and its effects on a woman's health. Start with these five key facts.