Hypogonadism News

  • Testosterone Tied to Dad's Mood After Infant Comes Home Paternal testosterone levels may be important to family functioning, contributing to maternal and paternal depression, parenting stress, and intimate partner aggression, new data suggest.
  • Long-term Testosterone Boosts Urinary, Sexual Function Hypogonadal men who take testosterone long term experience improvements in urinary and sexual function and quality of life, with no increase in adverse events, a registry study indicates.

Hypogonadism Perspective

  • CME: Can You Trust What You Read? A review of accredited educational programs on hypogonadism turned up some common themes, including those not supported by the evidence.
  • A 29-Year-Old Man With Fertility Concerns A 29-year-old man presents to a fertility specialist. Do you know the likely findings on a karyotype analysis of his genome?