Ethics Perspectives

  • Don't Mistake 'Palliative Care' for 'Abandonment of Care'   Some patients who are at end of life may get confused about what palliative care is. An expert explains that it's not just stopping treatments, nor is it abandonment of care.
  • The Ethics of Keeping Alfie Evans Alive Saurabh Jha reviews the ethical dilemma posed by the UK case of a 23-month-old in a vegetative state that pitted physicians against parents and even the Pope.

Ethics News

  • Health Claims Behind Sex Robots Remain Unproven Health benefits claimed by marketers of sex robots - safer sex, therapeutic possibilities, and the potential to treat pedophiles and sex offenders - haven't been proven, or even well studied, experts say.
  • U.S. Opens Inquiry Into Gynecologist Scandal at University of Southern California The U.S. Education Department has opened an investigation into how the University of Southern California handled complaints that a longtime campus health clinic gynecologist sexually harassed or abused his patients during pelvic examinations.