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  • Switching to Degludec Reduces Hypoglycemia Rates Insulin-treated diabetes patients who switched to degludec realized lower rates of hypoglycemia and improved glycemic control.
  • Mental Distress and Depression Among Adults with Arthritis This study found that frequent mental distress and history of depression are common features among adults with arthritis in all states, but with considerable variability across states.

EHRs & Technology News

  • Doc Guilty in 'Heinous' Fraud Case Involving False Diagnoses Jorge Zamora-Quezada, MD, falsely diagnosed patients has having rheumatoid arthritis, treated them with toxic drugs, and falsified medical records to mislead a federal investigation.
  • CES 2020 Touchless Patient Monitoring in the Works If technical, ethical, and infrastructure challenges can be overcome, no-contact patient monitoring could be the way of the future, both in the hospital and in the home.