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  • Uncontrolled Hypertension Unchanged in US Adults New data from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics show less than half of US adults with hypertension have their blood pressure under control, basically unchanged since 2010.
  • Cardiac Motion: The Next Log-In Biometric? An innovative system uses remote, Doppler radar assessment of cardiac dimensions and motion as a means of user authentication; but could "access denied" be a warning sign of CVD?
  • ANA Stroke, Cardiac Events Increased After First Stroke in Young As in older patients, the risk for recurrent stroke after an index stroke is increased in patients aged 18 to 45 years, along with the risk for cardiac events, a new study shows.
  • Does Gestational Diabetes Per Se Up Long-term Cardiovascular Risk? A new prospective study hints that gestational diabetes alone -- without subsequent development of type 2 diabetes -- could up CVD risk, although healthy living seems to attenuate the risk.


  • Dapagliflozin: 'Helpful Strategy' for T1D?   Research presented at EASD 2017 shows that dapagliflozin may reduce insulin requirements with a low risk of adverse effects in patients with type 1 diabetes.
  • In T2D, How Low Should BP Go? Should most patients with diabetes be on intensive blood pressure interventions?
  • PFO Closure Reduces Strokes, and PPIs Increase Dementia Risk?   New research suggests that reducing patent foramen ovale size could lessen stroke risk, while other work explores the role that PPIs might play in causing dementia.
  • We Need Consistency, Not Complacency, to Improve Public Health Obesity has been normalized to become the problem clinicians don't see and therefore don't treat, but recent data showing that one in five kids and teens are obese should shock us into action, says Dr Mandrola.