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  • Should Mandatory Screening of Young Athletes End? John Mandrola reviews the most comprehensive study to date on cardiac screening of teenage athletes and sees the futility of searching for a deadly needle in a haystack.
  • What Is the Best Approach to Managing 'Chemobrain'? Experts discuss the poorly understood but common experience of 'chemobrain' in cancer patients, including the evidence behind interventions to reduce the symptoms.
  • Four New Studies in Neurology   Dr Diener reviews four studies likely to change the practice of neurology that encompass PFO closure in cryptogenic stroke, new treatments for migraine and glioblastoma, and tried-and-true treatments for MS.
  • Endometriosis: 5 Things to Know As one of the most common conditions affecting women, all clinicians should have an understanding of endometriosis and its effects on a woman's health. Start with these five key facts.