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  • Should Docs Rethink Saying 'I'm Sorry' After a Medical Error? The majority of US states have laws to protect doctors who apologize after a medical error, but experts say many are ineffective. Here are other strategies if you find yourself in this situation.
  • 3 Top Controversial Guidelines Directing Inpatient Care   Drs Alok Patel, Daniel Dressler, and Leonard Feldman discuss controversial guidelines related to diabetes, transfusion thresholds, and echocardiograms in patients with syncope.
  • Do I Need to Care About Lp(a)? Accumulating evidence suggests a causal role for lipoprotein(a) in atherosclerotic disease. Should you screen for it, and if so, what next? Cardiologist Christopher Labos investigates.
  • Topol and Verghese on Where the Physical Exam Is Going   In this Medicine and the Machine podcast, Eric Topol and Abraham Verghese discuss the ritual and evolution of the physical exam and its inevitable--and exciting--integration with technology.