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  • High Thyroid-Hormone Levels Linked to Increased CVD Mortality High and high-normal levels of the thyroid hormone free thyroxine were associated with atherosclerotic cardiovascular morbidity and mortality among older individuals, independent of risk factors.
  • AHA Secondary CANTOS Analysis IDs Canakinumab Responders UPDATED // The results suggest the commonly used hs-CRP test may provide a simple tool to identify patients most likely to benefit from the drug while avoiding potential risks such as fatal infections.
  • AHA No Benefit From Bicarbonate, Acetylcysteine Postangiography In the PRESERVE trial, neither intravenous sodium bicarbonate nor oral N-acetylcysteine significantly reduced adverse outcomes compared with sodium chloride or placebo.
  • TCT Trials FAVOR QFR vs FFR in Coronary Stenosis A technology using fluid dynamic calculations and estimated hyperemic flow velocity proved to be highly accurate at diagnosing coronary artery stenosis in real time without a pressure wire.