Critical Care Nursing

Critical Care Nursing News

  • New Score to Predict Early Stroke Death A new clinical score has been developed to identify patients with a high risk of early death after an ischemic stroke.
  • Bacteria-Ridden Stethoscopes Abound in Hospitals Stethoscopes used in an ICU were loaded with bacteria, including bacteria that may be associated with nosocomial infections, and standard cleaning only modestly reduced bacteria levels, a study found.

Critical Care Nursing Perspective

  • The Latest Dirt on Hospital Cleanliness An infectious diseases specialist reviews the evidence for contamination sources in healthcare facilities.
  • Sleep and Delirium in the ICU: Rest for the Weary? New studies were recently published evaluating ramelteon and dexmedetomidine for delirium and sleep quality in ICU patients. Dr Aaron Holley offers his perspective.