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  • Drug Prescriptions in NICUs Vary Widely Prescriptions for at-risk newborns vary widely between neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) in the Netherlands, particularly for off-label cardiovascular and nervous system use, a study shows - and the findings are likely relevant to the U.S. and other countries.
  • High-Flow Oxygen Therapy Improves Outcomes in Infant Bronchiolitis High-flow oxygen therapy given by nasal cannula to infants with bronchiolitis - a treatment that adds heat, humidity and extra pressure to the oxygen - can cut odds of treatment failure by nearly half compared to standard-flow therapy, according to a new pragmatic study in Australia.

Critical Care Nursing Perspective

  • What Gunshots Do to Bodies: Docs Speak Out   The gunshot victim who became a trauma surgeon, the radiologist author of the Atlantic article on the AR-15, and a surgeon who treats gunshot violence victims join Dr Glatter in this panel discussion.
  • The Future of Medicine From a Leader in Biosensors   Dr Eric Topol talks with pioneering researcher John Rogers about how his flexible electronic devices are being used in medicine and what further developments lie ahead.