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  • INFINITY: SBP Goal in High-Functioning Elderly Clear as WMH   The principal investigator discusses the effects of intensive vs standard systolic blood pressure on mobility, cognition, and cardiovascular outcomes in high-functioning elderly patients.
  • ACC 2019 A Sobering Breakthrough in AF Care Frequent alcohol drinkers with atrial fibrillation benefitted from abstinence in a novel randomized trial, which prompts the question: Should temperance be prescribed before meds and procedures?
  • Green Eggs and… Death?   A new study says that egg consumption is linked to cardiovascular events and death. Should we start cutting back?
  • ACC 2019 Getting to the Core of the Apple Heart Study   The co-principal investigator of a study that assessed the ability of an Apple Watch app to detect atrial fibrillation discusses the findings with John Mandrola, MD.