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  • New Targets in Lung Cancer Shape Treatment Options Thoracic oncologist Jack West talks about research presented at ASCO 2019 on new targets in lung cancer that may now be ready to move out of the research setting and into the clinic.
  • 'I Was That Kid': Dr Quinn Capers Inspires #BlackMenInMedicine   Fewer black men are going into medicine today than in 1978. Drs Harrington and Capers discuss how to increase diversity in medicine and why it's important for caregivers to reflect the population they treat.
  • Out With the Old, in With the New: The Role of Novelty Bias Are we overenamored of new drugs and treatments at the expense of older, proven therapies? The recent hoopla over CREDENCE and SONAR set Tejas Desai, MD, to ponder novelty bias.
  • Why Students Become Neurologists   Dr Stephen Krieger discusses a project evaluating the neurology residency personal statement to determine why students want to become neurologists.