Asthma News

  • Father's Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Asthma in Kids Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke from their fathers while they're in the womb may be more likely than those who are not to develop asthma by age 6, according to a study of chemical changes to DNA.
  • EAACI 2019 Immune Booster Celebrated for Asthma Prevention Bacterial lysate, a cocktail of 21 microbial species commonly used in Europe, purportedly decreases asthma and wheezing in children and specialists are taking notice.

Asthma Perspective

  • Swollen Necks, Dry Mouth--What Is Going On? Through a series of short patient cases, Dr Gordon Sun illustrates common presenting symptoms and the underlying causes of salivary gland diseases.
  • ECG Challenge: Beating at a Fast Clip Whether it's related to his COPD, inhalers, neither, or both, this patient's ECG reveals why his pulse is so fast.

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