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  • Life and Times of Leading Cardiologists: Holger Thiele   Holger Thiele's career in cardiogenic shock began in West Berlin where he witnessed the fall of the wall and moved to Leipzig to pursue cardiology. This former ironman still bikes to the hospital.
  • Cardiology Topics to Watch for in 2019 Wearables, aspirin for secondary prevention, AI and machine learning, and drug pricing are among the topics to keep an eye on in 2019, according to cardiologists Drs Harrington and Gibson.
  • Getting to the Heart of Valentine's Day How much do you know about the links between the heart, love, and health? Test yourself with our Valentine's Day quiz.
  • A Nonopioid Approach to Opioid Discontinuation   Facilitating opioid discontinuation: Dr Charles Argoff discusses Lucemyra, an FDA-approved, nonopioid treatment.