Alzheimer Disease News

  • ANA Prior Head Injury Linked to Amyloid Deposition Amyloid deposits were concentrated largely in the frontal cortex in patients with prior head injury, a new study shows, suggesting a mechanism for previous research linking TBI with later dementia.
  • Menopause Triggers Brain Changes Linked to Alzheimer's New research may explain why women are more prone to develop Alzheimer's disease and points to potential avenues for early intervention.

Alzheimer Disease Perspective

  • The Therapeutic Potential of Drumming and Rhythm Neuroscientist Dr Theodore Zanto discusses how the brain processes music and rhythm and how drumming may be an effective practice for the aging brain.
  • Helping Your Patients Navigate Dementia Trials   Dr Richard Isaacson suggests enrolling patients displaying mild cognitive impairment in a clinical trial as an alternative to off-label drug prescribing.

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