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  • Drug Test Spurs Frank Talk Between Hypertension Patients and Doctors Roughly half of patients don’t take their high blood pressure medicine as they should, even though heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Now, a drug test can flag whether a patient is taking the prescribed medication and is meant to spark a more truthful conversation between patient and doctor.
  • Delabeling for Penicillin Allergy Found Safe in Children Children with low-risk penicillin allergy symptoms who tested negative for penicillin allergy tolerated penicillin without serious adverse or allergic reactions during the following year, a study found.

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  • Why Are Vaccination Rates Lower Among Kids With ASD?   Children with autism, and their younger siblings, have lower vaccination rates than other children, placing them at risk for vaccine-preventable disease.
  • The Lean Antibiotic Mantra Antibiotics -- while focusing on the right drug, the right dose, and the right duration, most important is to make the right diagnosis. Sometimes you may not even need the antibiotic.

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