Psoriatic Arthritis Highlights From ACR 2022

Philip Mease, MD


December 05, 2022

Dr Philip Mease of Swedish Medical Center in Seattle discusses highlights in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) from the American College of Rheumatology Convergence 2022 annual meeting.

Dr Mease starts with new phase 2 data on deucravacitinib, a highly specific TYK2 inhibitor that has been approved for patients with plaque psoriasis. In this study, deucravacitinib achieved states of low disease activity or remission over a 52-week period in patients with PsA.

Next, Dr Mease presents a late-breaking phase 2 study of bimekizumab, an IL-17A and IL-17F inhibitor. Bimekizumab treated all domains of PsA and had inhibitory effects on structural damage progression over 52 weeks.

He next discusses a study investigating the IL-23 inhibitor guselkumab in patients with the axial component of PsA, a condition for which a widely accepted definition has been elusive. The study randomized patients to detection of axial disease either by imaging or machine learning; guselkumab showed clinically meaningful improvements in both groups, underscoring its efficacy in the axial-specific domain regardless of the means of detection.

Dr Mease then discusses results with the novel molecule izokibep, which targets IL-17A. The study showed promising results, particularly in enthesitis.

Finally, Dr Mease discusses a study examining how fibromyalgia concomitant with PsA may affect the assessment of disease activity.


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