Highlights in Corneal Disorders From AAO 2022

Christina R. Prescott, MD, PhD


October 21, 2022

Highlights in cornea research from the American Academy of Ophthalmology Scientific Sessions 2022 are discussed by Dr Christina Prescott of New York University Langone Health.

Dr Prescott reports on further evidence that Fuchs dystrophy may be successfully treated with Descemet stripping only (DSO), without the need for cornea transplant.

She also discusses a real-world study indicating that belantamab mafodotin, a new therapy used in refractory multiple myeloma, is linked to corneal toxicity, a finding that has previously been reported in clinical trials.

Dr Prescott next reports on new results for lotilaner treatment in Demodex blepharitis. In the Saturn-2 trial, most patients noticed improvement in symptoms within 2 weeks, and 56% of patients in the treatment group had complete cure of their Demodex vs only 13% in the vehicle group, prompting Dr Prescott to anticipate FDA approval of this drug.

She closes with a discussion of an India-based study in which antibiotic-loaded contact lenses were used to treat bacterial keratitis.


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