Psoriasis Highlights From EADV 2022

Paolo Gisondi, MD


October 03, 2022

A new topical treatment was featured in key presentations in psoriasis at the 2022 European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress, as reported by Paolo Gisondi of Verona, Italy.

Dr Gisondi points to two pivotal clinical trials reporting on the efficacy and safety of tapinarof, an aryl hydrocarbon modulating receptor. Tapinarof is a topical cream, and as such addresses an unmet need among patients with psoriasis.

Dr Gisondi also highlights a global consensus on pustular psoriasis, a rare disease for which the clinical course, treatment, and management have now been outlined.

He reports that safety concerns and a lack of data have hindered the use of systemic psoriasis therapies in patients with both HIV and psoriasis, but he highlights a new study concluding that systemic treatments for psoriasis are safe in HIV patients, provided that their CD4 counts are normalized.

Next, he discusses the connection between smoking and psoriasis, which was examined in a genetic Mendelian randomization study from Denmark. The study concluded that smoking is not causative but is an independent risk factor.

Dr Gisondi concludes by discussing a large study that delved into the relationship between psoriasis and mental health. The study showed that 35%-40% of patients with psoriasis report feelings of anxiety and depression, including those with mild disease.


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