COPD Highlights From ATS 2021

David M. Mannino, MD


June 09, 2021

David Mannino, MD, an expert in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and co-founder of the COPD Foundation, discusses the most clinically relevant data presented at the American Thoracic Society 2021 International Conference.

He begins with a study comparing the impact of COVID-19 on outcomes in patients with and without COPD and/or emphysema, which offered reassuring results.

Next, he looks at the safety and clinical utility of a novel technology, bronchial rheoplasty, that delivers nonthermal pulsed electric fields to the airway epithelium and submucosa.

He then reports on a study assessing the accuracy of machine learning to identify the primary drivers of progression, exacerbation, and COPD mortality among cases in a large patient database.

Finally, Dr Mannino turns to the socioeconomic aspect of COPD management, discussing first a study on the availability of pulmonary rehabilitation among Medicare beneficiaries, followed by an analysis of the presence of indicators of financial, food, and housing insecurity among COPD patients.


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