Highlights in Ovarian Cancer From ASCO 2020

Maurie Markman, MD


June 24, 2020

The DESKTOP III trial, whose results were eagerly awaited, compared surgery followed by chemotherapy versus chemotherapy only in recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer. Dr Maurie Markman, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, reports that the DESKTOP results, initially announced in 2017, continue to show an improvement in progression-free survival in favor of surgery plus chemotherapy.

Dr Markman next comments on the SOLO-2 study assessing maintenance olaparib in patients with platinum-sensitive relapsed ovarian cancer and a BRCA mutation, which showed significantly improved overall survival for patients receiving olaparib.

Among other olaparib trials, the phase 3 PAOLA-1 study looked at olaparib plus bevacizumab in platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer. Significantly, the study explored the efficacy of this combination in treating tumors with BRCA1 mutation or BRCA2 mutation and found that all patients benefited.

Finally, Dr Markman reports on noteworthy abstracts, including studies examining adequacy of genetic testing and real-world data in management of patients with ovarian cancer.


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