Medscape Help: Accounts

New Members

Benefits of Member Registration

Medscape collects demographic information through registration so that we may better understand and serve the needs of our readers.

Membership registration is a one-time process. (On subsequent visits members sign in with their user name and password.) Upon registration, you will have full access to all of Medscape's contents and features, including:

  • Over 250 credits of CME for physicians, nurses and pharmacists
  • The Web's largest collection of free, full-text, peer-reviewed clinical medicine articles
  • Physician optimized MEDLINE
  • 25+ specialty home pages, plus home pages for nurses, pharmacists and med students
  • Daily medical news
  • Continuing Medical Education resources
  • Free subscription to Medscape's MedPulse®, a weekly email newsletter highlighting what's new on Medscape

Medscape allows you to browse the Directory pages (Home, CME Center, Patient Education, Conference Coverage, Discussions) without registering or signing in.

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ID & Password Standards

IDs must be at least 5 characters, and can only contain alphanumeric characters (A to Z and 0 to 9) or the following special characters: @, period, dash and underscore only. Passwords can only contain alphanumeric characters.

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Your ID Has Already Been Chosen

If you get this message trying to register on Medscape, it means one of two things:

  1. The ID is Already Assigned to a Medscape Member. All Medscape Member IDs are unique, and we have millions of members, so most of the more common ones tend to be in use. Don't be surprised if an ID you believe to be uncommon is in use -- this happens quite often. The best choices for an ID, especially if you cannot find one that will work, is to use your full name or your full email address. Sometimes it is helpful to add a number after your name.
  2. The ID is Yours. Sometimes in the attempt to get onto Medscape, members who forget their password or ID try to re-register, and in the process of doing so get the ID is in use message. If you believe you've already registered on Medscape, please use the Forgotten ID/Password Request form to submit a request for an account confirmation.
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Unlisted Professions/Specialties

If your profession or specialty is not listed on the registration form, you can simply register using the Other option found in most selection lists.

Because we can not accomodate all professions and specialties on the form, not everyone will be able to find their particular one.

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Medscape Cookies

Medscape believes strongly in member privacy. Medscape's cookies will not be transmitted to other sites and they will not be used to pass individual activity to third parties (see Medscape's Policy on Member Privacy).

Medscape is currently issuing two varieties of browser "cookies":

  • Authentication Cookies. These cookies are temporary or permanent. Temporary browser cookies are not saved to your hard drive as they are only persistent for each instance of your browser application. Permanent cookies are saved on your hard drive and are permanent until removed. In either case, the cookies allow your browser to automatically tell Medscape who you are, so that you are not required to sign in each visit.
  • To have Medscape save your account information permanently click "Remember Me" on the "You are signed in as..." page (the page that is displayed when you sign in). Once you save this information to your hard drive, you will never have to sign in again unless you Sign Out.
  • To have Medscape save your account information temporarily click "Don't Remember Me" on the "You are signed in as..." page (the page that is displayed when you sign in). This feature is useful if you are in a situation where it would not be prudent to save your information permanently – i.e., a lab or shared computer.
  • Signing Out. Once you have saved a permanent cookie, you can remove this cookie from your computer by clicking on the Sign Out button which is found at the top of the Home page (it replaces the Sign In button once you've signed in). The page is very similar to the one you saw when you first signed in; click on "Don't Remember Me" and the permanent cookie with your information will be removed from your computer.
  • Refpath Cookies. Medscape uses cookies to drive advertisement and to collect member traffic data. If you see a refpath cookie, these are used for such a purpose. All refpath cookies are temporary.

Browser cookies are computer-specific. If you have a permanent cookie on your computer at work, you must save an additional one on your computer at home. The information in both cookies can (and probably will) be the same, but you need one on both computers. The same is true for multiple Web browser applications.

Medscape recommends that all members accept and save a permanent cookie for convenience. However, Medscape also recognizes personal beliefs in regard to browser cookies, and as such, members that do not accept the cookies can still access the site – they will just have to sign in each visit.

If you have additional questions or concerns about cookies, please use the Technical Report Form to send mail to the Webmaster.

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Login Issues

'Username/Password Combination is Not Valid' Error Message

You will receive this error message when trying to log into or eMedicine if your Username or Password does not match what we have in our system. Here are a few things to check before contacting Customer Support for assistance.

  • Your Username might be your email address. Some members use their full email address as their Username. For example, Try re-entering your Username with your full email address.
  • You used your eMedicine Username and Password. As of October 15, 2007, your eMedicine username/password will no longer be recognized when you login to eMedicine. Use your Medscape Username/Password to login to eMedicine. If you do not have a Medscape Username/Password then Register.
  • Your browser settings may be causing a conflict. Check that your browser's security settings are set properly.

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How can I request my Username and Password?

You can use the Username Assistance form or the Password Assistance form to retrieve your username or password by email.

Customer Support can be reached anytime using our Contact Us form.

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What are the proper browser settings to log into Medscape?

Medscape and eMedicine websites officially support the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later, or Apple Safari 1.0 or later. Although not officially tested and approved by Medscape, most other browsers should work provided they are configured to accept cookies. To set your browser's security settings correctly for our sites, see below:

If you're using Internet Explorer 6.0:

  1. Choose Tools from the browser menu
  2. Select Internet Options menu
  3. Click the Privacy tab,
  4. Move the slider to no higher than "Medium High"
  5. Alternatively, you can click on the "Sites" button on the Privacy tab and add "" and "" as sites allowed to use cookies.

If you're using Firefox 2.0:

  1. Choose Tools from the browser menu
  2. Select the Options menu
  3. Click the Privacy tab
  4. Select 'Accept Cookies from All Sites'

If you're using Safari 2.0:

  1. Choose Edit from the browser menu
  2. Select the Preferences menu
  3. Click the Security tab
  4. Next to 'Accept Cookies', select 'Only from Sites Site you navigate to'

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Update My Profile

Update Profile Info

It is possible for Medscape members to change their own account information. Using the Edit Your Profile option, you can change your MedPulse subscription status, change your email address, change your password, and even update the rest of your account profile as you provided it when you registered.

How do I use the Profile Modification Form to edit my account information? All you have to do is click here. You will be brought to an index page listing all the profile pages you can update. If you click on Basic Profile you will be brought to a sign in page where you should enter your member ID and password (for security reasons). Once submitted, a page will be displayed with your current account information that you can change or view at your leisure. This page will be in the same format as the Medscape Registration Form (the one you used to register). All you need to do is review each field and change any information that needs it. When you are done, just click the submit button and your account information will be saved.

  • If you cannot sign in to the Profile Modification Form, you will be automatically directed to a page that will help you locate your correct account information.
  • To unsubscribe from MedPulse using the Profile Modification Form, click on the Newsletter Management page and simply uncheck the box next to the name of the newsletter you would no longer like to receive. You may also sign up to receive newsletters by clicking on a newsletter's checkbox.
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Request Your ID/Password

Please use the Forgotten ID/Password Request form.

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Medscape/Medpulse e-Mail Newsletter

Email Newsletter Management - subscribe/unsubscribe to MedPulses and other newsletters.

If you have forgotten your User ID or password, go to Get Your Account Info to retrieve your account information.

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Selecting a 'Medscape Home Page'

Your Medscape Home Page is where you end up right after logging in (or when you go to if you are set to automatically log-in). To set this page:

  1. Click on Edit My Profile on the left side of the page, under the header
  2. Click on Basic Profile Information
  3. Change your homepage in the pulldown, and 'submit' the page using the submit button at the bottom.
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Merging Accounts

If you are having difficulty merging your accounts please contact us.

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