Medscape Blogs

Medscape blogs provide unedited perspectives on the practice of medicine and nursing, and include such topics as the business of medicine, healthcare reform, professional/legal concerns, medical training, and specialty practice.



  • Atopic Topics
    Dr Gary Stadtmauer, an allergist in New York City, writes from the perspective of a private-practice doctor who teaches, occasionally publishes, and also works in human rights.
  • Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor
    Dr Mark Crislip practices in infectious diseases in Portland, Oregon. He is "nobody from nowhere" but he likes to write about "the most endlessly fascinating specialty in all of medicine."
  • Wilner on Neurology
    Dr Andrew Wilner is a neurohospitalist at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut, and medical advisor for the Accordant Health Services Epilepsy Disease Management Program. He provides commentary and analysis on selected topics in neurology.
  • Lab Line by the Doctor's Doctor
    Dr Thomas Wheeler is chair of the Department of Pathology & Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. He provides commentary on a broad range of topics—from anatomic pathology (surgical, autopsy, cytopathology) to clinical pathology (hematopathology and chemical pathology, transfusion medicine and blood banking, microbiology, serology, and immunology).
  • Medicine's Fantastic Voyage
    Dr James Robb discusses new technologies entering the diagnostic and treatment arenas. The information is intended to help pathologists and laboratory technicians anticipate, understand, tolerate, accept, and subsequently implement new technologies in their work.
  • A Musing Pediatrician
    Dr Gregory Lawton, from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), states that his main job is "to explain, to reassure, and to know when to refer," because most of what a general pediatrician sees is a variation of normal.
  • Wei on Arthritis
    Dr Nathan Wei comments on developments in rheumatology—informative, sometimes provocative, sometimes irreverent, and no punches pulled.


  • The Differential
    Share in the lives and thoughts of medical students at various institutions, see how their experiences compare with yours, and expand your community of fellow medical students.


  • Reflections PRN
    Diane M. Goodman is an acute care nurse practitioner with an unrelenting passion for the practice of nursing. Her sense of humor and ready wit have assisted her in writing about a variety of nursing topics.