Tricia Ward

Editorial Director

Tricia Ward joined in 2007, originally working in the Education Department. In November 2013, Tricia took on a new role as the Editorial Director for Cardiology and Radiology. Tricia trained as a microbiologist at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and worked as a health writer at the Consumers Association in London, England, working at Which? and HealthWhich?, two Consumer Reports-style magazines. She worked at Harvard Medical School as a writer and researcher, coordinating and managing research on patient participation in decision making. Following this, Tricia worked on the New England Journal of Medicine's consumer newsletters on general health, HealthNews, and heart health, HeartWatch, and as a medical writer for Reuters Health. Before joining, Tricia worked at the Cardiovascular Research Foundation in New York as the founding editor of a website on cardiovascular disease in women that targeted both consumers and healthcare professionals (it is now a consumer-only site). She is a co-author of the American Heart Association Statement on Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Adjunctive Pharmacology in Women.