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Wills Eye Hospital joins forces with Medscape Ophthalmology to present expert perspectives from faculty on diagnosing, treating, and preventing eye disease.

Latest Features from Wills Eye Hospital

  • Shingles and Shingles Vaccine: An Update   A recently approved shingles vaccine seems to be more effective in preventing the virus. Drs Rapuano and Meghpara from Wills Eye Hospital discuss its role for patients.
  • Corneal Crosslinking: What Your Patients Can Expect   Dr Christopher Rapuano discusses the likely outcomes and recovery for this newly approved treatment for keratoconus.
  • Managing Dry Eye, Step by Step   Dr Christopher Rapuano sorts through the updated recommendations for dry eye provided in the recently published report of the Tear Film & Ocular Surface Society International Dry Eye Workshop II.
  • A 'Symfony' of Hope for Cataract Patients   From distance and near vision to astigmatism and chromatic aberration, the new Symfony intraocular lens seems to correct it all.