Ask the Experts at the UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program

Medscape's Ask the Experts series allows you to ask members of a panel of leading experts for advice or information. This series, presented in collaboration with the UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program, explores a range of issues important in the recognition, assessment, and management of patients with cognitive impairment and dementia. Readers are encouraged to post questions in the commenting links at the conclusion of each article in the series.

  • Can a Good Diet Prevent Dementia? Need another reason to eat healthy food? Dr Reuben explains that certain diets may help prevent cognitive decline.
  • Dementia and Driving Dangers: When is it Time to Give Up the Keys? When should your patient with dementia cease driving? Important considerations and resources are available to help with your recommendations.
  • Advance Directives in Dementia: When to Discuss? Advance directives can greatly improve care of patients with cognitive impairment. When is the right time to bring up this important topic and what resources are available?
  • Caring for the Dementia Caregiver: Rx for TLC Quality care for the patient with dementia is inextricably linked to the well-being of the caregiver, says Dr Zaldy Tan. How do you identify which caregivers might be at risk for stress or burnout?
  • Caregiving in Dementia: Directing Families to Resources Caring for people with dementia can take a devastating toll on friends and family. What resources can support these caregivers?
  • Can Exercise Keep Dementia at Bay? We know that exercise is beneficial for many reasons, but does it also delay onset of dementia? Dr Zaldy Tan, a leading neurologist, reviews the research.
  • Treating Vascular Dementia: More of the Same? Is vascular dementia managed similarly to Alzheimer disease? Dr David Reuben, a leading neurologist, shares his strategies.
  • Alzheimer Disease: Life-Limiting, Life-Changing, or Both? Can you help patients with Alzheimer disease and their families prepare for the future?
  • What Is Vascular Dementia? How can vascular dementia be distinguished from Alzheimer disease?
  • Disclosing a Dementia Diagnosis: Why So Important? What are the benefits of a timely dementia diagnosis?
  • Amyloid Imaging: What Is Its Role? What is the appropriate role of amyloid imaging in the evaluation of dementia?
  • High-Dose Donepezil: Which Patients Benefit? Is high-dose donepezil effective for reducing symptoms of Alzheimer disease?
  • Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in Advanced AD: Stop or Go? When should acetylcholinesterase inhibitors be discontinued in advanced Alzheimer disease?
  • Vitamin D Screening in Adults With Cognitive Changes Numerous studies have come to varying conclusions about the need to screen for vitamin D deficiency.
  • For Patients With Dementia: To E or Not to E Does vitamin E slow functional decline in patients with Alzheimer disease?