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  • Is Red Meat Bad for Your Heart?   Drs Kopecky and Lopez-Jimenez discuss the research on health effects of eating processed and unprocessed meat in the wake of a controversial guideline.
  • Is Coronary Plaque Regression Possible?   Regression of some types of coronary plaque is possible but not 'simplistic.' Drs Lopez-Jimenez and Kopecky offer their expert insights.
  • Cardiologists, Oncologists Desperately Need Your Help   Oncologists and cardiologists need to collaborate to optimize outcomes for patients with cancer and long-term survivors. Will a new subspecialty emerge?
  • Pros and Cons of LAA Occlusion Devices vs Anticoagulation Which is more effective at stopping cardiac emboli from forming in the left atrial appendage: the Watchman or a novel oral anticoagulant? Mayo Clinic heart rhythm experts discuss the data.
  • Asymptomatic AF: Should We Intervene, and if so, How?   Dig a little deeper and you may find that patients with 'asymptomatic' AF actually have symptoms. But then what? This Mayo Clinic electrophysiologist has the answers.