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  • Virtual Reality in Medicine: Beyond Bulky Goggles   A trainee can stand in the surgeon's place instead of straining to see what's going on -- just one of the possibilities of virtual and immersive technologies in medicine, according to Mayo 's Dr Suraj Kapa.
  • The Lowdown on Lipoprotein(a)   Drs Tom Allison and Stephen Kopecky discuss current understanding of this unique subclass of lipoprotein and how to address elevated levels.
  • Best Practices for Measuring and Managing Blood Pressure   Experts from Mayo Clinic discuss practical patient management strategies in line with the 2017 ACC/AHA hypertension guideline.
  • TTR vs AL Cardiac Amyloidosis: Don't Rely on Imaging Alone   Drs Acharya, Grogan and Abou-Ezzeddine from Mayo discuss amyloid and TTR cardiac amyloidosis, with particular focus on diagnostic challenges and use of the pyrophosphate (PYP) scan.
  • ISCHEMIA: Do Baseline Data Hint at Triumph for OMT?   The success of OMT and the decline of patients with severe ischemia may make it difficult for ISCHEMIA to show benefit for revascularization, predicts Mayo Clinic's Raymond Gibbons, MD.