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  • Pandemic Puts All Eyes on Public Health Covid-19 has exposed the weak spots of the US public health system — and that presents an opportunity, says an epidemiologist, for the nation to recognize the problems and act to fix them.
  • Seven Ways to Fix This Pandemic -- and Stop the Next One When I think of all the steps we should have taken, and how many deaths could have been avoided, my head spins. But some lessons are crystal clear.
  • Wanted: Online Gamers to Help Build a More Stable Covid-19 Vaccine It turns out that big groups of humans are better — significantly so — at coming up with brand-new RNA structures than even the latest kinds of artificial intelligence.
  • Viruses That Come to Stay Some linger in the body for a lifetime. The one causing Covid-19 probably isn't one of them, but it and others can create mischief long after the immune system appears to have banished them.
  • The New Neuroscience of Stuttering After centuries of misunderstanding, research has finally tied the speech disorder to certain genes and brain alterations ― and new treatments may be on the horizon.
  • The Race to Develop Paper-Based Tests for Coronavirus Scientists are working at breakneck speed to develop inexpensive tools that take only minutes to tell if someone is infected -- a feat that could pave the way for a safer return to normalcy.
  • Matching Meals to Metabolism Two given people can respond to identical diets in different ways, contributing to varied health outcomes and patterns of disease.
  • The Trouble With Medicating Mental Illness Psychotropic drugs have severely narrowed how we treat psychiatric disorders, to the detriment of patients and society as a whole. A look at the past suggests a better way forward.
  • How Viruses Evolve May Affect Course of COVID-19 Pandemic Pathogens that switch to a new host species have some adapting to do. How does that affect the course of a pandemic like COVID-19?
  • Speaking of Pandemics: The Art and Science of Risk Communication Public health messages should be loud and clear so that everyone listens and stays safe. But that's easier said than done — especially with a case as complex as COVID-19.