This special series of expert commentaries is part of a collaboration between Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Medscape and is designed to provide practicing clinicians with updates and analysis on a range of clinically important topics from specialists affiliated with this world-famous pediatric facility.

Latest Features from CHOP


Offit on Vaccines

  • Paul A. Offit, MDPaul A. Offit, MD, Director, Vaccine Education Center and Attending Physician, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Paul Offit is the co-inventor of the RotaTeq® vaccine, but he receives no financial remuneration for sales of the vaccine from either the manufacturer or his employing institution
  • Shingrix: Is the Hype Justified?   Dr Paul Offit compares Shingrix with Zostavax® and lays out the recommendations for the new vaccine.
  • Lives Are Saved Even With a 'Less Effective' Vaccine   Dr Paul Offit explains the various ways the flu virus can mutate away from the strains in the vaccine, as it has in the 2017-2018 season.
  • Stories of Science Gone Wrong: Paul Offit on His New Book Looking back at history, how many scientific inventions end up doing more harm than good? In a new book, Paul Offit, MD, tells readers seven stories about when scientists got things very wrong.
  • Fading Immunity May Be Behind Mumps Epidemic   Dr Paul Offit discusses potential weaknesses in the MMR vaccine, and ongoing efforts to address them.
  • If Children Got the HPV4 Vaccine Series, Should They Get HPV9?   Dr Paul Offit explains why those who have completed the HPV4 series should also receive HPV9.
  • The HPV Vaccine and Autoimmunity: Reviewing the Research Paul Offit reviews the evidence to respond to reader concerns about autoimmune conditions and the HPV vaccine.

A Musing Pediatrician

  • L. Gregory Lawton, MDL. Gregory Lawton, MD, is a pediatrician with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Primary Care, HighPoint, Chalfont, Pennsylvania. He attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia on a scholarship from the US Air Force and completed his pediatric residency at a teaching affiliate of the University of California, Davis, at Travis Air Force Base, California. He exchanged the polyester Air Force uniform for cotton fiber in 2003 when he moved to the Philadelphia suburbs.
  • Pediatrics and Its Daily Spiels Matching the dialogue to the situation is part of the daily challenge--and joy--of pediatrics.
  • Mass Shootings vs Bridge Accidents: Which Get Action? On the 5th anniversary of Sandy Hook, pediatrician Greg Lawton asks: What if mass shootings were bridge accidents? Would we as a nation respond differently?
  • Suicide Risk in Teens: Look Everywhere Suicide is the second most common cause of death in teens. And we have to do better at identifying at-risk kids.
  • Drug Use in Parents: Why We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat A pediatrician is galvanized by a poignant interview with the children of drug-addicted parents.
  • The Fine Art of Pediatrics When everything is changing, are the main things, such as kids and parents, staying the same?