This special series of expert commentaries is part of a collaboration between Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Medscape and is designed to provide practicing clinicians with updates and analysis on a range of clinically important topics from specialists affiliated with this world-famous pediatric facility.

Latest Features from CHOP

  • We're Missing Kids With ASD: Strategies to Improve Screening A recent study found that tools used to screen for ASD provided less than optimal results. Kate Wallis, MD, discusses strategies to improve identification.
  • Coronavirus Parties Are a Bad Idea Discussion about intentional exposure to COVID-19, reminiscent of chicken pox parties in the prevaccine era, has begun to crop up on social media. How should you respond to those who embrace this idea?
  • Bariatric Surgery in Teens: 7 Things Every PCP Should Know   Bariatric surgery is one of the few strategies shown to be effective in treating severe obesity in children. Dr Elizabeth Parks Prout provides key information, including new AAP recommendations.
  • AFM Spikes Every Other Year. This Summer Could Bring a Surge   AFM, rapid-onset weakness in one or more limbs, was first seen in children in 2014. It appears to spike in even-numbered years; we may see it this summer. Dr Sarah Hopkins describes the usual presentation.

Offit on Vaccines

  • Paul A. Offit, MDPaul A. Offit, MD, Director, Vaccine Education Center and Attending Physician, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Paul Offit is the co-inventor of the RotaTeq® vaccine, but he receives no financial remuneration for sales of the vaccine from either the manufacturer or his employing institution
  • Not Vaccinating Migrant Children Is 'Unconscionable'   Dr Paul Offit comments on the US Customs and Border Protection agency's decision to not vaccinate migrant children against influenza.
  • What Will It Take to Eradicate Mumps?   Mumps isn't a trivial infection because it can lead to sterility. How can we end these outbreaks?
  • Measles: Will It Take a Death to Get Kids Vaccinated?   Paul Offit argues that it's unconscionable to let unvaccinated kids get and transmit measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • The Overwhelming Safety of the HPV Vaccine Why has one of the most well-studied vaccines in history been unable to dispel fears about its safety?
  • Vaccine Science Taken Hostage? Paul Offit Responds Paul Offit responds to a column in the New York Times that claims there is a 'conspiracy of silence' among vaccine scientists about the harms of vaccines.
  • FluMist: Flu Vaccine Option or 'Last Resort'?   Dr Paul Offit discusses the 'new, improved' FluMist and clarifies competing recommendations for its use.

A Musing Pediatrician

  • L. Gregory Lawton, MDL. Gregory Lawton, MD, is a pediatrician with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Primary Care, HighPoint, Chalfont, Pennsylvania. He attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia on a scholarship from the US Air Force and completed his pediatric residency at a teaching affiliate of the University of California, Davis, at Travis Air Force Base, California. He exchanged the polyester Air Force uniform for cotton fiber in 2003 when he moved to the Philadelphia suburbs.
  • Back to School: In Praise of the Routine Summer is wonderful, but many welcome the return to the well-worn routines of fall. Helping families establish those routines is the unique purview of pediatrics.
  • Pediatrician Burnout: Similar, yet Different Burnout in pediatricians has some of the same root causes as in all types of physician. But some causes are unique to the challenges and joys of caring for children.
  • Pediatrics by the Numbers: Putting Our Time Where It Works Best Are you asking the right questions? Providing the right advice? Greg Lawton, MD, discusses the issues and hazards that provide the biggest risk to kids and how to use our time wisely to mitigate them.
  • A Musing on Interpreters in the Pediatric Exam Room Interpreters can become a critical part of the interaction with a family.
  • Can Teenagers Solve Our Nation's Most Intractable Problem? Can impetuous, unruly, infuriating, passionate, inspiring teenagers prevail where adults have failed?
  • SOAP to EHR to Scribe: What's Next? From handwritten notes to the loved and hated EHR. Will scribes change the game?