Topics in Advanced Practice Nursing

Book Reviews

  • Advanced Nursing Practice This book review highlights the challenges faced by nursing in the evolution of worldwide advanced practice roles.
  • Let Kids Be Kids This guide for parents focuses on the often forgotten job of childhood -- that of being a child.
  • Nurses Working With Disabilities This book offers several examples of how nurses, with disabilities ranging from rheumatoid arthritis to depression, have successfully sought treatment for their conditions and then returned to nursing in new and creative roles.
  • Palliative Practices: An Interdisciplinary Approach Increased knowledge, greater interdisciplinary coordination, and effective, practical tools become increasingly necessary to meet the needs of palliative care patients.
  • Hospice and Palliative Care Handbook Need to know more about coverage, reimbursement, and patient care planning for hospice and palliative care patients? This book may offer the answers.
  • Book Review: Primary Care Tools for Clinicians This comprehensive resource provides invaluable tools for anyone organizing complex patient data.
  • Book Review: The Soul of the Caring Nurse For those nurses who need help in revitalizing their career and acknowledging the importance and relevance of self care, this is an excellent book.
  • Nursing Students With Disabilities This book's purpose, like many controversial topics, is to challenge readers to step out of their frame of reference and to evaluate any preconceived ideas about people with disabilities.