• Managing Gout as a Systemic Disease   A study suggests that to reduce morbidity and mortality from hyperuricemia, it must be managed as a chronic disease.
  • OBESITY WEEK 2018 Long-Term Phentermine for Weight Loss Appears Safe, Effective Retrospective study not definitive, but lends support to extending use of the generic commonly used obesity drug beyond the short-term label indication.
  • Antibiotics for Everyone? Is it possible to keep patients happy while practicing antimicrobial stewardship?
  • Bariatric Surgery Reduces Later Heart Failure Deaths Hospitalized heart failure patients with prior bariatric surgery had lower mortality than those without prior surgery, even after matching for BMI.
  • Should You Opt Out of Medicare? Pros and Cons Many physicians are fed up with Medicare's rules, reimbursement, and reporting requirements. But before letting your patient panel go, consider the possible benefits and risks.
  • Lawsuit if You Don't Disclose Your Lack of Expertise? It's hard to become expert on a procedure if you don't keep getting experience, but must you tell your patient how many (or few) of the procedures you have done?
  • Doctors Mistake Toddler's Spider Bite for Cigarette Burn; More Parents put in jeopardy with child protective services; providing free care doesn't protect physician from lawsuit; huge award for a woman whose eye disease went undetected.
  • An MD/Attorney Reveals: 5 Top Reasons Patients Sue Doctors Malpractice lawsuits don't just happen randomly. Here are the major reasons patients reach out to attorneys to seek a legal resolution.
  • Smart End-of-Year Tax Tips: 2018 Most people put off thinking about taxes for as long as possible. But by following a few simple strategies before the end of the year, you can save a bundle come next April.

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