• Donald Trump Has Coronary Calcium: Is That Helpful to Know? A briefing on the President's health included the detail that he has a coronary artery calcium score of 98. Dr Mandrola questions whether Trump should have even had a calcium scan.
  • Health Proverbs: A Kernel of Truth or Just Plain Corny? If health proverbs aren't true, why have they hung around for so long? See what you think of these long-standing aphorisms.
  • The Future of Medicine, From a Leader in Venture Capital   The founder of Sun Microsystems predicted that artificial intelligence will replace 80% of physicians, but he says the profession could fortify itself by changing its focus.
  • Is It Influenza or Adenovirus? Some cases among the ongoing influenza-like illness outbreaks in the United States may be not caused by influenza virus but by a human adenovirus type 4 variant usually found in military settings.

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