• Can You Break a Noncompete Agreement? Most physicians have some type of restrictive covenant in their employment or partnership agreement, which inhibits competition with their current practice. Is there a way to nullify that agreement?
  • An MD/Attorney Reveals: 5 Top Reasons Patients Sue Doctors Malpractice lawsuits don't just happen randomly. Here are the major reasons patients reach out to attorneys to seek a legal resolution.
  • Smart End-of-Year Tax Tips: 2018 Most people put off thinking about taxes for as long as possible. But by following a few simple strategies before the end of the year, you can save a bundle come next April.
  • Another 'Brain Dead' Patient Wakes Up Just in Time There are recent cases in which a patient was declared brain dead and prepped for organ harvesting, yet the patient recovered. Are brain death criteria wrong? Should they be tougher?
  • Will Insurers Drop Health, Life, and Disability Policies?   Dr Art Caplan discusses the challenges that face policymakers and the medical community when it comes to the potential effects of direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

Multispecialty News
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  • Arthritis Strikes 1 in 3 Adults with Prediabetes According to a recent study, almost one-third of Americans with prediabetes have arthritis. And half of these individuals with both conditions are physically inactive or have obesity.
  • AIPM 2018 Novel 'Blended Therapy' May Help Cut High-Dose Opioid Use Resurrecting an older analgesic and adding high-dose codeine and other drugs to curb side effects reduce opioid intake without withdrawal or increased pain, new research suggests.
  • AIPM 2018 'Food Insecurity' Linked to Pain Conditions Users of food banks who also have a pain condition are often concerned about having enough to eat before running out of money, new research suggests.

Multispecialty Perspectives

  • The Baby With a Swollen Eyelid An 8-month-old girl's eye swelling appears to be getting worse when she presents at your clinic. Can you diagnose the problem?
  • The New Seizure Terminology No more 'grand mal' or even 'partial complex seizures.' Find out which terms are outdated and which are newer and more accurate.

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