• Managing Money in a Physician's Marriage Having differing financial viewpoints can create major stress in a marriage. To avoid a problem, communicate and collaborate when managing your money.
  • Should Docs Tout Products and Personal Causes Online?   'The old-school view, that you keep your opinions to yourself, is so dead as to be rotting,' says Dr Art Caplan. But how can we negotiate social media without offending our patients?
  • The Power of a Physician's Kind Word Physicians often feel compassion and warmth toward patients but don't realize that they're not always expressing it well.
  • How Physicians Took On a Hospital CEO--and Won A proposed plan to replace a patient's doctors with hospitalist-employed physicians led to a rebellion by Florida doctors and the resignation of a hospital CEO.
  • Should Doctors Speak Out About Gun Violence?   The NRA is telling physicians to 'Stay in your lane!' Art Caplan says that's ridiculous.

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