• NPs Confront Unexpected Delays Opening Private Practices Nurse practitioners have expanded scopes of practice in about half of US states, but payers and collaborating physicians aren't always so quick to jump on board.
  • Eight Wealth Tips Just for Doctors These money experts are doctors themselves and understand the unique financial needs of physicians. Here's what they suggest.
  • Why Don't Doctors Feel Like Heroes Anymore? The 'hero' title can be an inspiring way to honor medical work. But there is a growing belief that while superhuman effort is indeed heroic, superhuman expectations are a systemic problem.
  • UHC Accused of Using AI to Skirt Doctor Orders, Deny Claims A class action suit alleges that UnitedHealthcare's reliance on algorithms shortchanged nursing home patients in Medicare Advantage plans and violated doctors' orders.
  • Physician-Mayo Clinic Dispute Raises Free Speech Concerns A Minnesota institution reportedly ordered a doctor to stick to "prescribed messaging" after his controversial comments. Now, the physician is suing his employer, alleging retaliation and interference.

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  • The Truth About Vaping   The idea that vaping is harmless is going up in smoke. What would you tell your own kids or grandkids about e-cigarette use?
  • Is Lifelong LDL-C Lowering Within Reach?   Michelle O'Donoghue interviews Verve CEO and cardiologist Sekar Kathiresan about PCSK9 gene editing to lower LDL cholesterol and the findings of the heart-1 study.

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