• Groups Challenge Ohio Law Making Abortion a Felony The ACLU and others contend that the ban violates the constitutionally protected right to abortion and to privacy and that it constitutes government interference with personal health decisions.
  • Anonymous Reporting May Help Spot Disruptive Physicians Many medical professionals fear repercussions from reporting physicians for hostile actions, despite efforts in recent years by influential groups to address disruptive behavior, a consultant said.
  • When Missing a 'Zebra' Can Land You in Court Physicians are generally unlikely to face a malpractice suit for misdiagnosing a rare disease, which affects about 1 in 10 people. But the results of a delayed or wrong diagnosis can be devastating or lethal.
  • Doctors Don't Need to Redocument Students' EHR Entries: CMS Medicare will still require that teaching physicians verify students' documentation but will not ask them to redocument their work.
  • Healthcare Spending Accelerating, 19.7% of Economy by 2026 Currently, the sector makes up 17.9%, according to a new CMS report. Among reasons for the increase are baby boomers enrolling in Medicare and price growth for medical products and services.

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