• Common Prescribing Blunders Dr Douglas Paauw provides a quick reminder of common prescribing blunders that he still sees in his large referral practice.
  • Are We Still Shunning Medicaid Patients?   Data show that many primary care physicians are still not accepting Medicaid patients. How can we reverse this failure to serve the poor among us?
  • Can You Identify These Famous Fictional Physicians? Take this Medscape quiz to see if you can you identify some of the most famous fictional physicians -- and their authors -- in literature.
  • New Crohn Disease Management Guidelines: Top Five Takeaways   Recently published guidelines by the American College of Gastroenterology provide recommendations on the management of Crohn disease. Dr David Johnson shares his perspective on some of the highlights.

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  • Inhaler Device Errors Common Among HCPs A systematic review finds that healthcare providers often lack the knowledge required to use inhaler devices effectively and that their inhalation technique may worsen over time.

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