• 10 Reasons Airborne Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Appears Airtight 'Clear-cut' evidence for airborne transmission of the virus associated with COVID-19 -- and no evidence against it -- suggests it's time to accept the science and focus on policy, researchers say.
  • Casanova on the Dementia Unit While my patient's memory faded, his passion for life did not. So, how to resolve the complications and jealousy that resulted from his romantic rendezvous?
  • Next-Generation COVID Vaccines Have Many Different Targets As the world awaits evidence on the durability of the immune response of COVID vaccines, developers are already coming up with new approaches and delivery routes to offer more roads to protection.
  • Medscape Physician Compensation Report: What COVID Did to MD Income COVID caused an immediate decline in most physicians' income in 2020, but surprisingly, many rebounded and finished the year in better shape than expected. Others are still struggling.

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