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  • Tinnitus Treatment Tackles Underlying MechanismsAn intervention combining calibrated auditory and electrical pulse stimulation shows preliminary but intriguing potential to treat this often debilitating condition.
  • Obesity Paradox Prevails for PCI in WomenPooled analyses in a large all-female cohort revealed higher mortality risk at either end of the BMI spectrum and underlined the need for special attention to underweight women undergoing PCI.
  • FDA Denies Health Claim for Vitamin D to Prevent MSThe FDA responded to a petition, saying that after reviewing the evidence, there is no basis for the claim that vitamin D can prevent multiple sclerosis in healthy people.
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma Not a 'Muscle' Cancer After AllRhabdomyosarcoma does not arise from immature muscle cells as previously believed but from endothelial progenitor cells, and this could have implications for new therapies.


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  • Did Agency Knowingly Hire Dangerous Doctors?; More Agency ignored red flags in hiring physician; state bill reignites cameras-in-the-OR debate; do attorneys make better claims adjusters?
  • Are Doctors Causing Trouble by Tweeting at Conventions? Tweeting from conventions has become widespread, but some say attendees post information that should not yet be disseminated. How is Twitter affecting the presentation of scientific information?


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