• Calciphylaxis A 53-year-old African-American man presented with a year-long history of multiple, nonhealing ulcers on both his legs.
  • Hypertensive Ulcer A 51-year-old man presented with a painful ulcer on his right lateral leg.
  • Venous Stasis Ulcer Complicated by Calcinosis Cutis A 61-year-old woman presented with a painful, full-thickness, infected, venous stasis ulcer in her lower leg.
  • Type II Cryoglobulinemia A 50-year-old man with Raynaud's phenomenon and numbness and tingling in his toes complained of purpuric lesions.
  • Bullous Pemphigoid A 77-year-old man with Parkinson's disease presented with a 2-month history of blisters on his feet and ankles.