Glaucoma Expert Column Series

  • Generic Ophthalmic Medications: As Good as a Xerox? Assessing therapeutic equivalence of generic ophthalmic medications is key to understanding efficacy in moving from branded to generic recommendations for glaucoma treatment.
  • Lowering IOP With Medical Therapy in Patients With Glaucoma Prostaglandins are generally the first choice for lowering IOP in patients with glaucoma. However, what are the specific options, and what should be tried when patients don't respond?
  • Hyperemia in Glaucoma Patients Distinguishing hyperemia from ocular allergy in a glaucoma patient taking IOP-lowering medication should help ensure safe and effective glaucoma care.
  • Measuring Structure and Function in Patients with Glaucoma Does structural damage precede or follow visual field loss? Or do they co-occur? Drs. George Cioffi and Paul Mackenzie explore this pressing issue in the management of glaucoma.
  • The Importance of Lowering Intraocular Pressure Dr. Joseph Caprioli discusses strategies for the optimal lowering of IOP in patients with glaucoma.