reFLEXIONS and rePERCUSSIONS: Goodley Intentions

  • Goodley Intentions: Resurrecting Traction As I stated in a previous issue, pain must be seen as a liar. In every case, its location must never be casually accepted as the site of its origin.
  • Injection Therapies -- Revelations and Reflections From cortisone injections to prolotherapy and nerve blocks, Dr. Goodley contends with the orthopod's role in this area of pain treatment.
  • Examining for Pains in the Neck Neck pain is complex and can be frustrating to both patient and clinician. Dr. Goodley provides some practical principles to improve understanding of examination approaches to pain in the neck.
  • Why, Orthopaedic Surgery? In his second reFLEXIONS and rePERCUSSIONS: Goodley Intentions, Paul Goodley, MD, continues his exploration of the state of the state in orthopaedics by simply asking, "Why orthopaedic surgery?"
  • The Medicine of Orthopaedics The task of the musculoskeletal clinician is to restore appropriate motion. All the rest is commentary. . . . Dr. Goodley explains.