Autism Spectrum Disorders Expert Column

  • New Theories of Autism: Hyper-Systemizing and Assortative Mating A new theory explains why people with genes related to autism have an increased sensitivity to change that disables them in some ways, but makes it easy for them to excel in others.
  • The Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders The concordance rate for ASD in identical twins vs fraternal twins is 10 to 1, showing genes play a huge role in this disorder. How? What benefits are there in solving the genetic mysteries of autism?
  • Face Processing in Individuals With Autism How do the brains of children with autism respond to stimuli? Do children see atypically due to cognitive/perceptual impairments or motivational/affective impairments? What can be done to help them?
  • Early Diagnosis and Screening of Autism Spectrum Disorders Learn the advantages and disadvantages of screening tools for autism, such as the ESAT, STAT, and others. What are the red flags for autism in very young children? How valid is early identification?