Depression Expert Column Series

  • Depression in Geriatric Patients What are the best medications and dose ranges for depression in the elderly? How can you balance the wisdom of "start low/go slow" with the need for efficacy? How can you reduce suicidal ideation?
  • Stress and Resilience: Implications for Depression and Anxiety Can memories of stressful events be turned off at the level of the brain? What role do genes play in stress? New tools in neuroscience have opened a window to explore these issues.
  • Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents Does cognitive-behavioral therapy work in adolescents? Do SSRIs lead to suicide? Jerrold Rosenbaum and Jennifer Covino answer important questions about pediatric anxiety and depression.
  • Management of Severe Depression Managing severe depression is important to affect the future course of the depression and the level of treatment needed.
  • Anxiety and Depression Comorbidity Understanding the complexities of comorbidity in depression and anxiety
  • Are two sites of action better than one? Medscape Psychiatry Expert Column
  • Expert Column on Depression Expert column and discussion about depression