Interventional Crossroads With Jaya Mallidi

  • Stop the Daily Blood Draws in Hospitalized Patients A click of a mouse can trigger daily lab tests in stable patients with little clinical benefit and much patient discomfort.
  • The Growth of TAVR and the Capitalist Creed Capitalism drives the relationship between industry and medicine, often to the patient's benefit. But putting profit and growth above all else has to be kept in check, cautions this cardiologist.
  • Diagnostic Errors in the COVID-19 Era Is the emphasis on SARS-CoV-2 causing clinicians to miss the obvious? A recent case confirms for Jaya Mallidi, MD, that scanning test results and the EHR is no substitute for meeting with the patient.
  • Moral Courage on the Front Lines Is Lacking in the C-Suite Healthcare workers who spoke out about lack of PPE showed individual moral courage during COVID-19. So did Li Wenliang of China. Jaya Mallidi, MD, asks, where is that courage in healthcare organizations?
  • Cardiology in the Time of COVID-19 Being on-call in the COVID-19 era is different; interventional cardiologist Jaya Mallidi, MD, summarizes some of the current recommendations for safe practice.
  • The War on Shock: Is Industry Leading the Charge? Protocols for patients in cardiogenic shock encourage use of mechanical circulatory support and play down palliative care, despite limited supporting data, writes interventional cardiologist Jaya Mallidi.
  • Not so Fast: How to Avoid Bias Toward Stents in Managing SIHD Channeling Daniel Kahneman's 'Thinking, Fast and Slow,' Dr Jaya Mallidi warns that inherent biases and system 1 thinking, may exaggerate the benefit of stents in SIHD and corrupt shared decision-making.
  • Conveyor Belt Medicine: Where Are the Brakes? Regional systems of care help streamline urgent care but make it difficult to halt false-positive activations in their tracks. Jaya Mallidi, MD, asks for some checkpoints along the way.
  • Interventional Cardiology: Physician and Proceduralist 'I do not want to be known as a high- or a low-volume operator,' writes, Jaya Mallidi, MD, in a plea for her field to value critical thinking as much as it celebrates the latest Impella case.