Szczech on Nephrology

  • Renal Denervation: Is It Ready for Prime Time?   Dr Lynda Szczech discusses recent trial results demonstrating the safety and efficacy of this procedure.
  • Does Drinking More Water Improve Kidney Function?   If increasing the water intake lowers vasopressin levels, does it follow that it also improves kidney function? Dr Szczech shares her views.
  • Patient Transition to Dialysis: Advice to Providers   Dr Szczech discusses the emotional challenges that patients with CKD face in their transition to dialysis, and offers suggestions to PCPs and pharmacists who see these patients.
  • Patients on Dialysis: Advice on BP and Fluid Intake   How much fluid should a patient on dialysis consume? What blood pressure range is optimal for these patients? Dr Szczech offers her advice on what to tell patients on dialysis.
  • Medical Errors in Patients With CKD: Know Your Numbers!   For patients, knowing whether their kidney function is compromised and telling their doctor about it goes a long way toward preventing medication errors and complications.
  • Kidney Patients Left in the Wind: A Heartfelt Story   Dr Szczech provides a sobering view on what extreme actions uninsured immigrants are taking to push their symptom boundaries to near death every week in order to get emergent hemodialysis.
  • Is Metformin Safe for Patients With CKD?   Dr Szczech provides an overview on studies examining whether metformin is safe in patients with mild to moderate CKD and the 2016 re-examination by the FDA.
  • What Causes Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis? Dr Szczech comments on a novel study that provides another piece of the puzzle in a common glomerular disease.