Aaron Neinstein on Digital Health

  • A Clinician's Guide to the Latest Diabetes Devices With the dizzying array of new options in diabetes management and rapidly advancing CGM technology, the fingerstick may soon be obsolete.
  • Diabetes Technology: 'Fear Not' In the future, will the endocrinologist be more machine operator than physiology expert? Yes and no, says Dr Neinstein.
  • Diabetes Patients Design Their Own 'Artificial Pancreas' Tired of waiting for a long-promised 'artificial pancreas,' people with type 1 diabetes take matters into their own hands and create makeshift closed-loop systems to manage their glucose levels.
  • The Case for a Patient-Centered EHR: My Dad A parent's complex medical condition highlights the need for an electronic health record that can be accessed by multiple specialists at any given time.
  • A Health Tech Holiday Wish List Forget all the cool apps and tools being marketed: These items are needed before technology can truly revolutionize healthcare.
  • Eight Tips for Patient-Centered EHR Use Optimize your EHR use today to enhance a collaborative treatment relationship with your patients.
  • Can 3D Sculpture Help Patients 'Grasp' Diabetes Data? Visualize this: A 3D plastic ball conveys the daily peaks and valleys of a diabetes patient's glucose measurements, transforming the way we think about and discuss diabetes management.
  • What's the Health IT Buzzword of 2015? We have made huge strides with EHRs, says Dr Aaron Neinstein. The challenge now is to improve the interconnectedness of a mix of apps, paper documents, insurance, and other information systems.